The Wish Tree Necklace
Our gift to you with a one-time donation of $30 or more.

Through April 30th, 2018

Seed a wish in your heart, Nurture it with your love and let it fly to the world.
Silver chain with wishbone casting charm necklace  16" chain with 3-inch extension.

Our Gift to You...

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Thank you for Flourishing with us!

Ways to Support and Give Back

Giving back and offering support to others is the core of who we are as an organization and it has had a major impact since we started The Flourish Network.  Based on that we are now even more passionate about philanthropic efforts than ever.  With that said, we have launched a non-profit entity to work alongside The Flourish Network in order that we can make a greater impact in the lives of others.  The organization is called Ardia’s Hope.  The name Ardia is a very special sentimental name and it means "Powerful and Complete”.   Through Ardia's Hope we can... Be More. Do More. Reach More.

The organization will support a wide range of efforts such as helping in the transition of women and their children that have experienced domestic violence from specific safe house programs, fostering entrepreneurialism for young / teen girls, empowering women and girls with disabilities, as well as female veterans and other causes that impact women and girls. We will also create amazing events for community involvement and to bring awareness to causes that will make a difference.  The non-profit entity will allow us to extend our reach into a wider area in order to offer support to more individuals and see them FLOURISH.

Other Ways to Support