About Me:

I am Mallory Butler and it’s a sincere pleasure to introduce myself to you!
I am a God fearing, faith-driven woman, who also is the wife to my husband of over 17 years and counting, the momma to our 4 amazing kiddos who inspire me to aspire to be better in all areas of life & brings that drive in my existence to strive to meet new levels of happiness & gratitude on the daily.

 I am an affiliate for Hempworx which has been a tremendous blessing in more ways than one.

 I have taken a liking to consider myself an “ MS Warrior” due to the fact of having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis years ago, but I made it a point to never consider myself disabled by association, instead I utilize it to enable me to have a frame of mind to never quit & to be thankful for each day and moment the good Lord has given to me.

Prior to deciding to take this journey with Hempworx, my career background was in the healthcare industry working alongside who I consider to be some of the finest people in the profession. Alongside that, I also worked in marketing and development.

 My natural passion is to have my heart on fire to help others. I receive extreme happiness and joy from giving back thru many outlets into our community. To restore, empower, uplift and inspire others to attain their own heart's passion and personal journeys. I want others to see that there is a massive promise of hope in the tomorrows to come!

I am elated to have been given this amazing opportunity to connect & FLOURISH alongside you.

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January TBD @ 11:30 am

Cost $15  

Please note that there will be one representative per industry.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
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Mallory Butler

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Mallory butler

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